CAD Drafting Services

We provide a full range of CAD drafting services. We have experience in CAD conversion like Raster to Vector conversions and other services like Vectorization, Dimensioning , Conversion of prints to CAD.

Quantum Asia as an Organization has emerged out working on drafting based services. We have been known for our professionalism in the field coupled with diverse unique knowledge and approach for completion of drafting jobs. Quantum Asia has pioneered over a period of time in handling variety of raw information to provide the final product which can be handled and readily usable by the end users.

It dates back from the olden days of handling paper maps being generated from manual survey procedures of plain tabling, theodolite survey, total station to the latest state of art hand-held global positioning system to robotic survey instruments as available in the current scenario.

We have been working dedicatedly providing high quality land information services received from field surveying units. In the process of ever-changing systems we have evolved as a highly professional quality delivery-eccentric organization. Quantum Asia as a company has extensive experience in handling drafting of residential surveys starting from drafting of control surveys to development of final grid plans for submission. We as an organization understand lotstaking forms design and adding information like the Swale, Sod along with adjoiner information that is collected during the planning to final stage of delivery of the built residential accommodation to the buyer.

Quantum Asia has a sound understanding of handling the paper maps and converting the paper maps to the desired product in a digital format using latest CAD enable software’s like Auto CAD, Civil 3D etc.

We as an organization demonstrate capability in connecting the paper points within the earth surface using the ground control points availability for the discussed locations. CADWe understand the process of migration from paper to CAD format and one CAD format to another, using varied softwares in the CAD segment. With the advent of tough time manual surveying has been transformed using light source based surveying called as LiDAR based surveying. We understand the management of the point clouds data being collected from sensors ranging from airborne sensors or terrestrial sensors. We use the latest state of art facility available within our working environment to classify the point cloud based on the requirements and development of final product including but only pertaining to feature extraction, bare earth development, generation of terrain models, surface models and contour generation at pre-defined contour values and many more.

Why Quantum Asia is different from others?

Using knowledge acquired over a period of time and built on delivery-centric model helps its clients leverage on cost and quality advantages.
Quantum Asia is prompt and responsible and compassionate and we provide customized solutions specific to customer requirement, catering to each of the client’s budget and delivery requirements.

Our portfolio ranges from variety of CAD drafting to CAD conversions, migration and sophisticated point cloud management.
Jobs done by us: